“Hello, my name is Diego. I want to tell you a little about myself. The stage captivated me as a child. And for a long time I heard someone talk.
A man who, in the civil war, performed in a circus where he performed an act in which he fought against a trained bear. Applauded and admired by the inhabitants of each town that he visited, this singular artist kept a secret, a double life, and that is that every night he sneaked out, with his pockets full of food and viands, which he handed over to those who most loved him. they needed. This stranger was called Bernardo, and as I have always been told… he was my great-grandfather.
I never knew how much this madness really had. It is just one of those family curiosities that we all have, but somehow it marked my life. This is how I grew up diving in different artistic branches. ”

Diego Muñoz is an illusionist and ventriloquist. Born in 1992. Holds private parties, theatrical shows and custom corporate events. His activity as a magician has led him to work with some of the best renowned international brands and artists.

It is defined by his empathetic character, the absurd and satirical humor, as well as a sincere and memorable magic. Enjoy interacting with the public, creating a bond of trust and security. He is an eclectic and multifaceted person, making his performances a complete intellectual experience.

He joined the Spanish Society of Illusionism in 2006. He studied Industrial Engineering, and later did the Master of Teaching. Also trained in Dramatic Art, Clown, Storytelling and Improvisation. Diego is in love with the art of magic, which has led him to delve into specialties such as card magic, mentalism or numismagia; But he also drinks from other disciplines, which gives his numbers a great visual and emotional variety. Diego is a guarantee of sympathy and good work.

The knowledge and techniques that he has acquired over the years have led Diego to give training courses and workshops on crucial matters for the company.

“To this day I can say that magic marked my path. And so far my life in text, the rest is history. Have I got you reading yet? Keep going! Almost there. If you have found my universe interesting … I have to apologize because this is the last thing written in my notebook. My coffee has been spilled. ”